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Many thanks for your trust. Thanks to the many funders, we can carry out our great new plans. This means continuity of the “Wulfsen” – soul, know-how, service and quality on Curaçao. And for you? A lot of benefits!

A win-win situation.

And you can still participate! That is why we still ask your attention for our crowdfunding campaign.

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Investing in the new future of Wulfsen, means you are investing in your personal benefits.

By paying in advance, you receive a future discount that can yield much more than it costs.

Invest in Custom Made now for the very best price!

Sign up now, pay only when the goal is reached!

We offer all our loyal supporters the opportunity to invest in our new concept “Wulfsen 63” and so receive lots of benefits for yourselves.


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“I applaud your efforts to raise funds to pursue the iconic Wulfsen business through an “out of the box” Crowdfunding program. You have my complete support in achieving your target needs”.
Ram Boolchand
“Wulfsen’s crowdfunding campagne is vooruitstrevend, net als het nieuwe bedrijfsplan. Dat straalt bovendien lef en innovatie uit; dé succesfactoren in retail vandaag de dag”.
Herbert van der Woude
“Innovation comes with passion. Wulfsen63’s concept will revolutionize the retail market in Curaçao and I am honored to be the first to participate.
A new future for Wulfsen

The Case

Wulfsen & Wulfsen in the existing form will cease to exist.

But I (Michael Wulfsen) and Iris Inocente will continue. With the same soul and heritage of W & W, but with new zest and more focus on what we are good at.

But extra help is still very welcome. I therefore ask attention for this so-called “crowdfunding campaign”. It means support for the new future plans of “Wulfsen 63”.

Fund & Share!

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Everything for the (young) professional

Wulfsen 63

“Wulfsen 63” wants to be the most prominent supplier for the working (young) professional on Curaçao. And this will be our full new focus. No casual wear or sportswear. Instead trendy fashion that is suitable for your work.

Custom Made tailoring and Business uniforms (B2B), supplemented with accessoiries and gift items, will be the two pillars of our core business.

A new start under the new name “Wulfsen 63”. Why 63? That is not only my year of birth, but also the year in which W & W opened its first branch on Curaçao.

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The Deal

Often the best ideas are born out of necessity. It must be different. To start with the financing of our new future … Very different! So what about crowdfunding?

I directly ask you, all our customers, everyone in our network and everyone who cares, to invest in our new future.

Your deposit will be used directly for the financing of the new Wulfsen. In new stocks and in everything that is needed for the new focus.

So, be part of something bigger and continue supporting the new “Wulfsen 63”.

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Crowdfunding Campagne

Raised funds
Raised funds

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The crowdfunding campaign continues and your funding remains very welcome!

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