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Raised funds
Raised funds

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The crowfunding campagne continues and funding remains very welcome!

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Naf 300.000,- / € 150.000,-

The foundation

The goal of the crowdfunding campaign was not achieved within the 3-week of action, despite the fact that many confidants have funded. We decided to adjust the ambitious plans. Instead of a new store we will focus entirely on High End Custom Made and Business Uniforms (B2B) from an easily accessible “Studio”.

No big store, expensive meters, big stocks, but instead a leading “Studio” for tailored advice for working professionals. High-End Custom-Made clothing for men and women in addition to representative corporate clothing for offices and hospitality industry (B2B). Complemented with beautiful essentials, trendy accessories and fun gift items.

The investments will only focus on this. And with that, the financing requirement is smaller and the operational costs are also considerably lower.

Initially, we budgeted Naf 150,000 / € 75,000 to lay the foundation for a completely new “Wulfsen 63” store. This was the goal of our crowdfunding campaign, which in the beginning only lasted 3 weeks.

Despite the fact that the target was not reached, we are very much pleased with the revenue of the crowdfunding campaign and with the input of private investors, to be able to realize the adjusted plans now. The funded revenue can be seen as the contribution of “equity capital” with which external parties have also expressed their confidence. Thanks to all the funders, we are going to start up the new plans!

The crowdfunding campaign continues and all extra funding remains very welcome!

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The promise is binding

You only pay when the start of the plans for the new “Wulfsen 63” can be made!

With signing in for a desired amount of funding, you promise “Wulfsen 63” with the achievement of the goal to transfer the relevant amount without delay. The agreed promise is binding.

As soon as the funding campaign has been completed successfully, you will receive the confirmation of your investment and the agreed personal credit or promised personal discount percentage by email from “Wulfsen 63”. You will also receive an invoice with the necessary information for transferring the relevant amount. The payment term is 5 working days. You can invest in both Euros (amount is transferred to NL bank account) and in Naf (amount is transferred to Curaçao bank account).

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Funding a larger amount?

Is funding a larger amount (from Naf 5,000, – / € 2,500, – plus) an option for you (perhaps something for B2B customers)? That is of course very welcome and other agreements will be made. Then please contact Michael Wulfsen by email:

We are convinced that our crowdfunding initiative forms the basis for our new future. We have now found many confidants who support our new plans. But the crowdfunding campaign will continue and extra funding will still be very welcome!

So fund & Share! We cannot wait to meet you personally and design your Custom Made “personal design” together!

And of course, you also became a member of the club “Wulfsen Heritage 63”. Deal?

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Fund & Share…!