Wulfsen & Wulfsen

A rich history

and a fantastic heritage

Our family has been doing business in clothing for generations. All that I can remember was retail and clothing. Everything I know was passed on to me.


The first store was opened in The Hague / NL in 1899. From 1946 on my grandfather H.S. Wulfsen specialized in so-called “tropical clothing” in addition to exclusive women’s and men’s fashion. We supplied complete outfits for men in the tropics. We mainly aimed on international business and diplomacy. The renowned tropical clothing was offered under its own “W&W-label”.

Several stores were opened in the Netherlands, including The Hague, Rotterdam, Gouda and Amersfoort. In the early 60’s the crossing to the West Indies was made. First in Paramaribo / Surinam and from there in 1963 to Curaçao and a bit later also to Aruba. In 1966, due to the political situation in Surinam these activities were ended.

Due to deteriorated market conditions, the activities of W & W were discontinued in the Netherlands at the beginning of this millennium.

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A family business

However, Wulfsen & Wulfsen still is a family owned business here in the Caribbean. And more than 55 years later still a renowned company on Curaçao with a rich history and a fantastic heritage.

After a specialized training and obtaining my bachelors, my mission was clear. Continuing our great family business. Since then this is my calling and my true passion. In January 2010 I took over all activities in Curacao and Aruba from my father, Henk Wulfsen. The appearance of the store (s) and product range have been renewed. Custom Made was introduced. The focus remained on European design and of course quality.

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New plans

The past years were not the easiest for W & W. Much has been accomplished and we can be proud of what has been achieved. We came a long way. Due to the partly negative results in these years however, the reserves have shrunk and we seem to have been overtaken by problems that have become much more complex. The deteriorating economic conditions on Curaçao and Aruba have not helped either. Lately solutions have been sought and many attempts have been made to find a good basis for continuity.

But despite all the efforts, it was not possible to guarantee continuity in its current form. Fortunately we will continue in a different form.

We have great new plans!

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