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A new future

for “Wulfsen”

Wulfsen & Wulfsen in the existing form will cease to exist. But we do not want to say goodbye to the Caribbean after more than 55 years of doing business. On the contrary!

Great plans for the new Wulfsen

I (Michael Wulfsen) will continue together with Iris Inocente. With the same soul and heritage of W & W, but with new zest and more focus on what we are good at. Without any doubt we feel that we have our right of existence on Curaçao. I believe in our customers and our network, but especially in our product, in our service and in our know-how. The appreciation of many customers shows that too.
So a new “Wulfsen”!

The new “Wulfsen” must be different. And there are great plans for that. The new “Wulfsen” wants to be the leading supplier for the working (young) professional in Curaçao. The full focus will be on this. We want to be your professional clothing advisor. Custom Made and B2B are the two most important pillars. From a “Studio” we offer everything customized for the working proffesional. Complemented with beautiful essentials, trendy accessories and fun gift items.

Invest in Wulfsen 63

Crowdfunding Campagne

We would like to interact with you on social media and with your feedback we want to determine the new course. And there are many more good plans. More about these elsewhere on the website.

But in order to be able to realize these plans, extra help is still needed.

I ask your special attention for this so-called “crowdfunding campaign”.

It means extra support for the new future of “Wulfsen 63”.

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Invest in Wulfsen 63

Crowdfunding Campagne

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The crowdfunding campaign continues and your funding remains very welcome!

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