The Deal


A new future

I ask your special attention for this so-called "crowdfunding campaign". It means a new future for "Wulfsen"

Often the best ideas are born out of necessity.

It must be different. To start with the financing of our new future … Very different! So what about crowdfunding? Perhaps new to Curaçao, but a well-known alternative method of financing worldwide. With many investing a relatively small amount in order to bring together a needed larger amount.

I directly ask you, all our customers, everyone in our network and everyone who cares, to invest in our new future. By contributing, you join a group of insiders who want to give a boost to our fantastic new plans. After all, you know how to appreciate the “Wulfsen Heritage” like no other. You know what we stand for.

No difficult constructions. We have opted for an equally clear and true strategy: investment in your personal benefit! By paying in advance, you receive a future discount that can yield much more than it costs.

Invest in Wulfsen 63

Why invest?

Your deposit will be used directly for the financing of the new Wulfsen. In new stocks and in everything that is needed for the new focus. A new start under the new name “Wulfsen 63”.

Why 63? That is not only my year of birth, but also the year in which W & W opened its first branch on Curaçao.

You will be one of the financiers of our “new” old company. Be witness to the new direction that “Wulfsen 63” will enter and help determine the strategy with your feedback. By financing in our new company and product, new opportunities are created and the “Wulfsen Heritage” will flourish again.

Invest in Wulfsen 63

Wulfsen Heritage 63

As a financier you will be part of something special. You automatically become a member of the new club “Wulfsen Heritage 63”.

This new club of like-minded people are the insiders of the new company “Wulfsen 63”, who understand the soul of Wulfsen and support the new future. As a member of the club, you will always be the first to be informed you about “Wulfsen 63” news, activities and offers. You benefit from advantages. And we will invite you to special events, exclusively for club members. Sometimes you get a glimpse into our daily routine and you are occasionally asked for feedback.

So be part of something bigger and help “Wulfsen 63” to a new future.

Invest in Wulfsen 63

Crowdfunding Campagne

Raised funds
Raised funds

(updates are performed once every 24 hours)

De crowfunding campagne continues and your funding remains very welcome!

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Invest in: High-End Custom Made

Fund “Wulfsen 63″… In return, you receive a credit for the delivery of High-End Custom Made clothing of the best quality for the one-off best price. The perfect fit, the ultimate wearing comfort and your personal “design” will change your clothing desire forever. Buying clothes never becomes the same anymore… For those who have never worn Custom Made clothing, this is a unique opportunity to experience this at a very special price.

For friends of “Wulfsen 63” from the Netherlands, this is perhaps an interesting option. After all, we also want to offer the possibility in NL for measuring and delivering Custom Made.

You understand that we cannot immediately measure up and deliver all Custom Made clothing at the same time. For delivery of customized clothing to the financiers we plan two Custom Made orders per week. This will be done in order of registration / appointment. The crux is that with the “pre-financing” of your Custom Made credit we can immediately build on our new future. Over time those Custom Made credits will be redeemed successively. After measuring up you will receive your personal designed suit, jacket, waistcoat or pants in about 6 weeks.

Sign up for

Naf 500,- / € 250,-

and receive a High-End Custom Made credit of Naf 625.- / € 312.50
(= 20% discount)!

Sign up for

Naf 1.000,- / € 500,-

and receive a High-End Custom Made credit of Naf 1,335.- / € 665.-
(= 25% discount)!

Sign up for

Naf 2.000,- / € 1.000,-

and receive a High-End Custom Made credit of Naf 2,855.- / € 1,430.-
(= 30% discount)!

Sign up for

Naf 3.000,- / € 1.500,-

and receive a High-End Custom Made credit of Naf 4.615, – / € 2.310, –
(= 35% discount)!

Invest in Wulfsen 63

High-End Custom Made

I would like to invest in EuroI would like to invest in Naf

Is funding a larger amount (from Naf 5,000, - / € 2,500, - plus) an option for you (perhaps something for B2B customers)? That is of course very welcome and other agreements will be made. Then please contact Michael Wulfsen by email:



You only pay when the goal is achieved and at the end of the campaign.

With signing in for a desired amount of funding, you promise “Wulfsen 63” with the achievement of the goal to transfer the relevant amount without delay. The agreed promise is binding.

As soon as the funding campaign has been completed successfully, you will receive the confirmation of your investment and the agreed personal credit or promised personal discount percentage by email from “Wulfsen 63”. You will also receive an invoice with the necessary information for transferring the relevant amount. The payment term is 5 working days. You can invest in both Euros (amount is transferred to NL bank account) and in Naf (amount is transferred to Curaçao bank account).


Fund & Share…!